Paris Hilton Is Not A Jewelry Thief!

Paris Hilton Is Not A Jewelry Thief!

Earlier this year, Paris Hilton was accused of making off with $60,000 worth of jewelry, after her home was burglarized by the Burglar Bunch. Some of the items were on loan from a jewelry company named Damiani, who claimed that the authorities returned the jewelry to Paris, but they claimed she wasn’t coughing it up.

The company sued Paris over the missing items, but she claimed that the burglars hocked them and only returned the costume pieces.

TMZ is reporting that the jewelry company believes that Paris wasn’t at the heart of the problem with the jewelry. They report:

But we’ve learned the insurance company now believes Paris was telling the truth all along, and never got the jewels in question back from the cops.

So it’s case closed. Score one for Paris.

Paris may be a lot of things, but we didn’t peg her for a thief. She’s got more money than anyone, why would she want to steal $60,000 worth of jewelry? She probably spends more than that on shopping in a week.

What do you think?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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