Paris Hilton Job Gets Cops Fired?

Paris Hilton Job Gets Cops Fired?

Paris Hilton was recently in Poland, likely famewhoring out her goodies to the masses, when she was guarded by several of their police officers. As it turns out, they are probably going to end up out of work for taking the job.

Not that that’s Paris’ fault or anything, because we’d surely love to blame her. Apparently these officers are part of their anti-terrorist unit, which is a prestigious organization over there. While she was in Katowice during the opening of a shopping mall, they acted as her bodyguards.

Contact Music reports:

However, the officers, who usually conceal their identities and must ask permission to take on work outside the force, have reportedly incurred the wrath of their bosses for agreeing to work for Hilton.

Dariusz Biel, the head of the regional police force, tells Reuters, “If the policemen who protected Hilton do not leave on their own by the end of the week, they will be disciplinarily fired.”

Does everything she touches turn to crap?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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