Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian end years-long feud

Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian end years-long feud

Kim Kardashian really rode Paris Hilton’s tainted coattails to fame, then the two suddenly lost contact. Since, Kim and her ginormous behind have catapulted to superstardom. Now, the twosome have reconnected and have finally buried the hatchet!

A spy on the scene said, “Kim approached Paris. Paris was with her mom, and sister, Nicky. Paris and Kim warmly embraced and genuinely seemed happy to see each other, which seemed to surprise fellow party-goers.”

The snitch went on to reveal, “Kim wished Paris a happy birthday and Kim complimented Paris on her outfit. Paris also complimented Kim and thanked her for the kind things she said about her in the Harper’s Bazaar interview. Kim was extremely classy in approaching Paris.”

Perhaps she wanted to thank her for paving the way for sex tape superstardom?? Ha.

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