Paris Hilton likes black people, you guys – Video

Paris Hilton likes black people, you guys - Video

In recent news, Paris Hilton was said to have snubbed a makeout session with Vin Diesel because she found out that he was part black. In Neil Strauss’ new book, he claims that the socialite was shoving her tongue down Vin’s throat until they got into better light.

He claims that she made an excuse and bolted for the door, claiming that “Black guys are gross” and that “one percent” is black enough for her.

Now, she’s all piping mad, calling in the lawyer dogs to sue. Skip to 2:45 (video below) to see how much Paris likes black people. She also loves gay people, too (see 4:17).

Update: Auto-playing video evidence, after the jump!

Her spokesperson released a statement, saying, “These allegations are absolutely untrue and ridiculous. We have sent these claims to Miss Hilton’s lawyers to respond further. It’s another example of someone making false claims for financial gain.”

Obviously they have not seen the above footage.

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