Paris Hilton Lost Her Phone At Sundance

Paris Hilton went into a tizzy after losing her iPhone at Sundance! While partying in Park City, Utah, the vapid heiress lost track of her cell phone. She went into panic mode upon learning that her phone was missing, fearing that some of her pictures would be leaked.

Paris arrived to the festival with her brother Barron and his girlfriend, Vanessa Du Basso. She hit up the party scene for some good times, but lost her phone in the process.

A snitch on the scene said, “One phone was found full of pictures of girls in porn-style poses. Everyone thought that was Paris’ phone, but it wasn’t. Another phone, with a dead battery, was later recovered and was handed back to Paris 24 hours later.”

Paris’ rep said that her phone wasn’t lost for “hours”, but only for a few minutes. Imagine all of the pictures that could have leaked, as a result. I’m feeling the herp come on just thinking about it.

Photo Credit: Josephine Santos / PCN Photos

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