Paris Hilton not likely to do jail time for cocaine bust

It’s celebrity justice at its finest. According to reports, Paris Hilton is not likely to serve any jail time over her recent bust for cocaine possession. talked to Las Vegas criminal attorney Al Lasso:

“With such a small amount of cocaine, the vast majority get probation. She doesn’t have a record here, so it’s not likely she’ll get jail time,” Lasso tells “She doesn’t have any felony convictions. Most likely she’ll get probation. Many times it’s knocked down to a gross misdemeanor, which means she wouldn’t be considered a felon.”

Even though it’s a whole lot better than jail time, parole won’t be a walk in the park for the 29-year-old heiress either.

“If she gets parole, Paris will report to her officer frequently (usually once a month),” Lasso explains. “She has to stay drug-free. She has to stay out of trouble. It can last up to five years. In a case like this, normally you have to do about two years.”

This is what happens when you’re overly rich with no ambition. You’ll do stupid crap like this to get in the headlines for relevancy. Very calculating, but we’re on to you, Paris.

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