Paris Hilton Puts Her Career Before Having Children

Paris Hilton Puts Her Career Before Having Children

Heiress Paris Hilton has revealed that she is so focused on her career at this point in her life, that she doesn’t have time to think about having children.

She is rumored to be dating DJ Afrojack, but says that she is too busy with all of her work commitments and is dedicated to putting her business first.

She said, “Eventually one day I want to have my own family, get married and have children, but right now I’m just focusing on my business. And also involved in charity work, I’ve been doing charity since I was a little girl. I thank God everyday and think that it’s important to give back and also lend my voice to those in need. One of the reasons God makes celebrities or other people is to give back, and to be able to use it in a positive way.”

She went on to say at a recent press conference, “I have 17 product lines, I have released an album, I’m doing a second one, writing books, doing movies, acting, I’ve really done it all. But this is the one project I’m most proud of because real estate is something that runs in my blood.”

She added, “My great-grandfather started the Hilton hotel chain, and created his own legacy, and that’s what I’m doing now and I feel so proud. My grandfather called me a couple of days ago when he heard about this project and he just said, ‘I’m so proud of you, you’re my eldest granddaughter and you’ve achieved so much success and to see you now developing your own real estate is so amazing.’ It just made me feel so proud to get that call from my grandfather as a businessman.”

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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