Paris Hilton shops for a new Rolls Royce

Paris Hilton shops for a new Rolls Royce

Paris Hilton has been shopping around for a new Rolls Royce for herself. “Merry Christmas to me!”, says she. Kidding, of course.

According to reports, Paris took a black Rolls Royce out for a test drive and is seriously considering the $300,000 purchase.

A source said, “Paris is known for her love of fast expensive cars. She may have met her perfect match. Paris took home a black Rolls Royce Ghost to see if she wants to buy it. She hasn’t made a decision yet, but she was overheard gushing about the car.”

Radar Online reports:

Insiders at the Beverly Hills Bently dealership told they’d love to have the heiress rolling in their newest Rolls-Royce.

“They said that they sell tons of Bentley’s every week from wealthy people around the world that request the same model the heiress has,” the source said.

“It’s always, ‘I want the Bentley Paris has.’ We’re hoping her driving the new Ghost will have the same effect.”

Paris even took to her Twitter yesterday to talk about her love for the vehicle. She tweeted, “The Rolls Royce Ghost drives better then any car I’ve ever driven. So smooth and such a sexy car. Loves it! :)”

Does seeing Paris Hilton drive a particular type of car make you want to run right out and buy one?

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