Paris Hilton wanted to hide cocaine in her vagina

It’s the only way to ensure that your coke gets infected with the herp, isn’t that right Paris?

Reportedly, prior to Paris Hilton getting arrested for possession of cocaine, she asked to use the bathroom at the Wynn Hotel. Of course, it wasn’t because she really had to pee like she said. She allegedly wanted to use the opportunity to stash the coke in her goodie parts. Wow, that’s so classy.

Ian Undercover reports:

“That’s why the first thing she asked the cops in Vegas was to use the bathroom,” the source named “Caroline” told IUC. “She knew it would be her only chance to hide the cocaine and avoid arrest. Paris is not as dumb as she seems. She’s one of the most clever and manipulative people one can ever meet. And she thinks quick, just like she did in Vegas. She has cat like reflexes.” The friend claims that Hilton has eluded airport security in the past by stashing the drugs in a lubricated condom before placing it in her vagina. “That’s what I’ve heard from a very good source, she’s a pro at it,” “Caroline” told IUC. “Paris travels all over the world and parties like a rockstar. I love her but she definitely needs professional help. It’s time she looks at herself in the mirror and realizes she’s not 21 anymore.”

Bet the cops never wanted thought to look there!

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