Paris Hilton’s birthday cake feeds the homeless

Paris Hilton's birthday cake feeds the homeless

Los Angeles musician Paz wrote an epic tale of how she managed to creep into Paris Hilton’s birthday party and walk out scott-free with her $2,000 birthday cake. After being told that the cake would probably be tossed, Paz realized her mission: Rescue the cake.

She walked back to the room that housed the cake and gave a nod to the security guards with an air of “I know what I’m doing”. Obviously they bought that, because no one stopped her from making off with the “delicious” cake.

Since, Paz said that she didn’t know what to do with the cake. Alas, she has found something good to bring this tale to a nifty end. She decided to feed the homeless on Skid Row by serving up the cake!

She wrote on her Facebook page:

Fearing for my personal safety, I decided it was time for the infamous dessert and I to make one final journey.

Travelling southbound on the 101 freeway, we wound our way to LA’s infamous skid row. It was here that the saga of the purloined pastry was destined to reach its tasty conclusion.

“I regret that I have but 3 tiers of frosted red velvet to give for my country,” spoke the doomed confection.

And with that, he was carved into 125 delicious slices, and served to the homeless of downtown Los Angeles on white paper plates.

I’m still laughing! She’s quite the prankster!

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