Paris Jackson Is Doing Okay Four Years Following Her Father’s Death

Paris Jackson Is Doing Okay Four Years Following Her Father's Death

Today marks four years to the day of the date that Paris Jackson’s father Michael met his untimely demise. Just recently, Paris attempted suicide by slicing her arm with a kitchen knife and overdosing on Motrin.

Now, her godfather Mark Lester is speaking out about her condition, saying that she is okay. Mark says that he has spoken to a member of the Jackson family and he has been assured that Paris is on the road to recovery.

When speaking on a TV show in the U.K. called Lorraine, Mark revealed, “I had some phone contact last week with a close member of the family…I understand that things, although are not great with Paris, they’re not too bad and she’s being looked after…she’s doing okay, she’ll be alright…she’ll be fine.”

He went on to reveal that he believed that what Paris did wasn’t actually a suicide attempt, but merely a cry out for help. He said, “It’s a serious incident obviously, but I hope it’s not something that she really did mean to do, and from my understanding it wasn’t a serious, serious attempt, but obviously it was a cry for help, and then we must respect that and try and do the best we can.”

Mark has been trying to reach out to Paris herself directly, but is being rebuffed as all lines of communication from him have been cut off. He added, “In light of what’s happened with Paris it’s going to be even more difficult, because social media’s closed down and phone lines have been closed…yeah okay, they’re looking after her, I’m sure, in the best way they can, but eventually, maybe, in a couple of months time, when things start to get better for her, then lines of communication will open up again.”

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