Pat Sajak & Vanna White Hosted Wheel Of Fortune Drunk!

Pat Sajak & Vanna White Hosted Wheel Of Fortune Drunk!

Pat Sajak and his partner in crime, Vanna White, used to get tanked in between filming Wheel Of Fortune. Back in the eighties, they were given a couple of hours in between tapings so that the prizes could be rearranged. So, to pass the time, they went across the street to the Mexican restaurant and tied one on. Can you blame them?

In a new interview, Pat said, “We had a different show then…Vanna and I would have two or three or six margaritas and then come and do the last shows and have trouble recognizing the alphabet. They’re really good tapes to get a hold of.”

Although that was par for the course back in the eighties, Pat says that those days are most definitely behind them. He added, “If I were to inhale the cork from a bottle of wine, I would probably keel over. I’m getting a little older for this. I would be hesitant to have anything to drink now.”

Let’s hope that Pat doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon. Have you seen the older episodes of the show with Pat and Vanna wasted? Harvey Levin at TMZ also commented in Thursday’s TMZ Live that he tried to get Pat to stay employed as the weather man at their local news station, but Pat took the hosting job instead. Can you imagine Wheel Of Fortune without Pat Sajak? We try not to.

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