People Magazine: How Sandra Bullock Got Her Groove Back (Photo)

People Magazine: How Sandra Bullock Got Her Groove Back (Photo)

Sandra Bullock has really overcome a lot of drama in her life with her divorce from Jesse James and having the joy of adopting her adorable son Louis. So, how did Sandra bounce back?

Her new lease on life is credited to her son Louis, her sense of humor and the decision that she made to jump back into the acting world. Stephen Daldry, her Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close director, said, “She was very keen to get back to work. She threw herself in with her usual enthusiasm and energy, and she was very relaxed. She had little Louis with her, and it was a very familial environment on-set.”

Sandra has really kept a low profile since the cheating drama hit the fan, so it’s good to know that she’s gotten everything back in order. Her Extremely Loud co-star Reagan Leonard, said, “She’s glowing.”

Of course she is! And she looks great, too. We love Sandra and will continue to support her career. She’s a rare breed in Hollywood….otherwise it’ll be taken over by Kardashians and Hiltons — and we don’t need that!

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