People Magazine: Jaycee Dugard’s Untold Story (Photo)

People Magazine: Jaycee Dugard's Untold Story (Photo)

Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped at such a young age by Phillip Garrido in June, 1991. Eighteen years later, she was rescued after two pregnancies by her captor.

She certainly had a strong will to survive after living in captivity for so long. She was pregnant twice, the first being when she was merely 14-years-old.

Jaycee is now 31-years-old and has written her memoir so that everyone can hear her story. The book is called A Stolen Life.

Simon & Schuster head Jonathan Karp talked of the manuscript while it was being written. He said, “When I read the pages, I was moved and inspired by the raw power of Jaycee Dugar’s voice, her strength and her resilience.”

This is a story that hard to imagine, but she had to relive it through the autobiographical process. Our hearts go out to her for the emotional turmoil of which she suffered during her captivity.

This book is on our must-read list! Will you read it?

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