Perez Hilton sinks to a new low with Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen is the 16-year-old singer for the band The Pretty Reckless. In a recent interview, she stated that she wasn’t into men, then stopped herself and said that her best friend is her vibrator.

Now, Perez Hilton is taking the whole thing to a new level. Will this finally be the straw that broke the camel’s back?

His vile BS after the jump, because it’s NSFW.

Apparently, on his website, he posted that she couldn’t “live without her dildo”. She responded to him on Twitter, “its a vibrator not a dildo..big difference”.

He came back with this little nugget, “@taylormomsen Instead of a vibrator, what you need is THIS”.

That Twitpic is below:

Not missing a beat, she responded, “@PerezHilton wow, are you actually referencing fisting a 16 year old girl? If you add this to tweeting Miley’s panties I’d say enjoy jail”.

Is it enough for him to go jail already? Thoughts?

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