Phillip Phillips’ Surgery Won’t Affect American Idol Tour

Phillip Phillips' Surgery Won't Affect American Idol Tour

Leesburg, Georgia native Phillip Phillips nudged out Chula Vista, California resident Jessica Sanchez for the “American Idol” win last night after 132 million votes were cast. Now, he can take care of something that’s been plaguing his health since the beginning of the competition: his kidney problems.

It was an emotional win for Phillip, who couldn’t finish singing his coronation song “Home” as he became overwhelmed. Unfortunately, his celebrations will be cut short, as he plans on going in for surgery next week. He has fought through the pain and discomfort for the entire season, but now he can breathe a sigh of relief.

After the finale, Phillip said, “I’ve been sick this whole show. It’s been tough. I’ve had a lot of great people around me, great doctors. That helps out a lot…I’m ready to feel better, feel like myself.”

Reportedly, Phillip will be spending several days in the hospital and another six weeks recovering from his surgery. Despite that, he has said that his recovery will not affect his time on the Idols Live tour. His father, Phillip Phillips, Sr. has said that Phillip’s recovery time would only be about two to four weeks. Also, it was revealed that Phillip had undergone eight surgeries during his time on the show.

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