Photo: Brooke Hogan shows off unretouched bikini body

Brooke Hogan did a brand new photo shoot for “Life & Style” magazine where she was pictured without the use of Photoshop or any other image editing software.

She talked about the unflattering photos that were taken of her in Miami over New Year’s, saying. “They took the photos from a bad angle, and I was hunched over. Whoever invented Photoshop was a genius, but it sets a bad example for what healthy is.”

And why would she do bikini shots after that? She said, “I’m not a size 2 and probably never will be. That’s something I had to get out of my head a long time ago.”

Her creepy dad, Hulk, also had to add his two cents, because, you know, he “accompanies” her to stuff involving bikinis. He said, “Brooke is absolutely gorgeous and doesn’t need Photoshop. She’s been working her butt off.”

She also has a more positive outlook on her body. She adds, “I feel really confident and comfortable in my body. I feel feminine. I even like myself naked in the mirror! There’s always room for improvement, but I really do love my body.”

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