Photo: Lady Gaga condoms

Lady Gaga has already teamed up with pop icon Cyndi Lauper and VIVA Mac for global AIDS/HIV awareness, so it comes as no surprise that the singer is using her celebrity to endorse a condom line.

Wrap it up, little monsters!

MTV reports:

The sometimes kooky, always unforgettable Gaga is working with designer Jeremy Scott to let her fans know that they should wear condoms — especially ones designed by Scott in association with Proper Attire. “It’s not complicated, just a fashion statement,” Lady Gaga said in a press release about the collaboration. “Everybody wrap it up with Jeremy Scott for Proper Attire condoms.” The condoms come in three varieties (studded, ribbed and sheer), and proceeds from sales will benefit Planned Parenthood.

The condoms will be sold at Opening Ceremony stores and online at Opening Ceremony and Proper Attire. While Gaga has been known to wear clothes designed by Scott, it is still unknown if Gaga will take her own advice and use this particular brand of condoms in her private time. And, as much as we love to know everything about Gaga, this is one thing she’s totally welcome to keep private.

Be safe! Gaga demands it!

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