Photo: Lindsay Lohan’s new girlfriend, Eilat Anschel

Remember when Lindsay Lohan said that she only went gay for Samantha Ronson? Well, apparently that’s no longer the case.

Enter Israeli veteran Eilat Anschel. Reportedly, things between she and Lindsay are only getting more involved. The duo met in Los Angeles some time ago, but things have gotten a lot more serious in the past month.

TMZ reports:

According to sources, Lindsay started using Eilat as a “shoulder to cry on” during the whole SCRAM thing … and then things just evolved as they do.

But again for Lindsay … love may prove elusive. Her friends understate the problem this way: “It’s not the healthiest relationship in the world.” The friends say Lilo’s totally obsessing over the chick.

I think she would do better to get her head clear before she starts something with someone new. What do you think?

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