Photo: Taylor Swift & Cory Monteith hug during bowling date

Taylor Swift is trying to keep her budding relationship with Glee actor Cory Monteith a secret, but she can’t hold onto that for too much longer!

The couple were spotted hanging out at Pins in L.A. last night with buddy Selena Gomez. A source said, “Taylor and Cory definitely looked close – they spent most of the night chatting together and had a long hug before saying goodbye, but their separate exits seemed quite deliberate so people wouldn’t think they were an item.”

Reportedly, Taylor is trying to keep it hush hush because her mother, Andrea, doesn’t want her to throw her career away over a boy. A snitch said, “Taylor is actually pretending not to be interested in Cory so her mother doesn’t scare him off. Taylor’s figured out she better not have any serious mother-daughter conversations about her love life or the relationship will be doomed from the get-go. Taylor really likes Cory, and she’s telling friends she sees real romantic possibilities with him.”

An insider said, “Andrea has told Taylor in no uncertain terms that she must put her career ahead of dating boys. Andrea, who has a firm grip on her daughter’s career and personal life, thinks Taylor has worked far too hard to let everything go to the wall for the sake of a boy.”

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