Pia Toscano to earn $100,000 from singing gig

Pia Toscano to earn $100,000 from singing gig

American Idol castoff Pia Toscano is set to earn a whopping $100,000 from one singing gig!

She’s gearing up to sing a few songs at a private event for Mother’s Day. A source said, “Pia has agreed to perform at a private birthday party on May 8th, Mother’s Day. The deal will only require Pia to perform a small handful of songs.”

The source went on to say that Pia initially turned down the offer of $50,000 to perform. The snitch said, “She was initially offered $50,000 for the gig and turned it down. But the people throwing the party wanted Pia so badly, they immediately doubled their offer. Pia will be picked up in L.A. in a limo and chauffeured directly to the party.”

Is she worth it? What do you think??? Let us know in the comments!

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