Pippa Middleton Tells Off Prince Harry

Pippa Middleton Tells Off Prince Harry

Dear Prince Harry, Pippa Middleton is tired of your crap! Just because the guy is a Prince, it doesn’t make it okay to act like a clown, right?

According to reports, Pippa gave Prince Harry an earful after seeing his drunken antics in Croatia last week. A source said, “Pippa texted him to suggest that he starts acting ‘less like a teenage chav, more like a real man.’

Oh snap!

In other Pippa related news, apparently someone is making a documentary about her. Founder of Odyssey Videos, Adrian Munsey, said, “All the other Royal Family members have had well-documented lives, but now we are being inundated with requests to make a biopic about Pippa after the wedding. She was such a tour de force, holding her own on Kate’s wedding day and looking after those small children. Pippa is the beautiful girl next door who every woman wants to be.”

She added, “We are rushing a 50-minute documentary dedicated solely to Pippa into production straight away.”

Is that something that you would want to watch? Let us know in the comments!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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