Playgirl wants Anderson Cooper nude photos for $10,000

Playgirl wants Anderson Cooper nude photos for $10,000

Playgirl magazine will do anything to get their most wanted naked man — and that includes offering up a measly $10,000 for some naked Anderson Cooper goodness.

Reportedly, the publication has offered $10,000 to anyone who can cough up nude photos of the CNN correspondent. According to Playgirl’s spokesman, Daniel Nardicio, Anderson is at the very top of their ‘Top 10 Guys We Want To See Naked’.

Daniel commented, “He’s got this charisma that a lot of our readers are attracted to, plus now he’s all muscled, so he’s not only smart but also hot. Both our male and female readers love Anderson.”

Is $10,000 an insult to Anderson’s hotness? Aside from that, who would you rather see naked in their magazine? Let us know in the comments!

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