POLL: Which X Factor Judge’s Team Is The Strongest?

POLL: Which X Factor Judge's Team Is The Strongest?

It was the moment the contestants were waiting for, they were swept off to the judge’s houses on last night’s episode of The X Factor!

Half of the contestants sang their hearts out for their respective judges and their guest judges. Some of the singers left us feeling “meh”, while others blew us away. Among the “meh” were the groups and the over 30s group, with the exception of Stacey Francis.

We were especially impressed by Caitlyn Koch, Stacey Francis, Brian Bradley and Tora Woloshin. On Sunday’s episode, we’re looking forward to hearing the other half of the singers. For now, we can say that there are a select few of which we’re totally looking forward to hearing.

We can’t wait to hear Rachel Crow, Brennin Hunt, Marcus Canty and Josh Krajcik perform. I can only imagine the awesome songs that they’ve been given, in order to test their vocal abilities.

For now, we’re of the mind that the boys and the girls teams are the best of the best. Which judge’s team do you think has the best chance of going all the way? Who are you rooting for? Leave your comments below and let us know which judge’s team is the strongest by taking our poll:

What do you think? Are you a fan of the show? Have you been watching? Soon the top 32 will be cut down to 16! Stay tuned!

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