Pregnant Kate Middleton Collapses!

Pregnant Kate Middleton Collapses!

According to the latest cover of Star magazine, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is pregnant — and has collapsed. Reportedly, Prince William found her laying unconscious on the floor and called an ambulance. Now, they are involved in a frantic fight to save their baby.

Also featured in this issue is Kim Kardashian playing the role of man stealer? Any angry wife claims that Kim stole her husband in this new Kardashian Kerfuffle. Is it enough to take the focus off of Kim’s sham of a marriage? Only time will tell.

They are also dropping the bomb that one of the actors from the Twilight movies is gay. Who could it be? Tell me it’s not the wolf boy, Taylor Lautner. The cougar in me would just die.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher also give the truth about their open marriage. Good, because we’re dying to know why she hasn’t divorced his selfish butt a long time ago. He’s cute, but he’s not that cute.

Thoughts? Stay tuned for any other updates regarding the state of the Duchess’ uterine occupants. We’ll have the scoop!

Update: In Touch Weekly is reporting that Kate is six weeks pregnant!

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