Prince Charles Calls Prince William & Kate Middleton Overexposed?

Prince Charles Calls Prince William & Kate Middleton Overexposed

According to reports, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage is overshadowing other members of the royal family, including that of Prince Charles!

The newly married royal couple received a lot of press attention for their visits to Canada and Los Angeles recently. Celebrities were lined up to meet them, including the likes of Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks and Jennifer Lopez. We’ve even heard that J-Lo was so anxious to meet Will and Kate that she pushed Mary Louise Parker out of the way.

Still, Prince Charles was said to be unsupportive of the idea of Will and Kate heading to the States. He was said to have commented that he was happy that his son and daughter-in-law received the same happy welcome that he and Princess Diana received during their visit in 1983. In addition to that, however, was his comment about his more recent trip with his wife, Camilla.

A source said, “Charles felt overshadowed by Diana and now it seems he feels overshadowed by their son. Some people may think he is jealous. I have always felt that as soon as William got married, Charles would feel sidelined.”

He added, “From that moment people would be less interested in what he has to say on issues such as the environment and architecture if, on the same day, Kate is wearing a new dress.”

Would Prince Charles be so petty to be jealous of the attention that Will and Kate are receiving? What do you think?

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