Prince Harry Photographed Naked In Las Vegas

Prince Harry Photographed Naked In Las Vegas

Prince Harry has gotten himself involved in a bit of a royal scandal! Talk about embarrassing!

Over the weekend, Harry was involved in a game of strip billiards with some friends in the VIP suite of his hotel. Friday night, he showed off the royal family jewels while partying it up with a bunch of friends. Obviously, he lost the game and had to strip down along with a female friend, who was also pictured with him.

Some of his fellow partiers opted to whip out their phones and snap photos of his royal highness’ backside. We’re guessing that the Palace will have nothing to say on this matter.

In one of the photos, a naked girl is seen hiding behind Harry as he covers his royal parts. In another photo, he’s behind a naked girl and you can see his royal butt.

Think Pippa Middleton is watching?!?

A Royal family rep said, “We have no comment to make on the photos at this time.”

Did you think they would have a comment on that at all? You can see the censored photos at TMZ, if you dare. We’d print them here, but we’re classy like that.

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