Promises gets a subpoena, K-Fed style

I don’t know whether or not treatment centers and places like that can be compelled to testify, but I feel that this is just wrong. If Britney really went to Promises to get herself treatment for her alcohol/whatever abuse, then those records should be sealed, if you ask me:

California’s Promises Treatment Center – which the singer entered in February for a month – was allegedly served with a subpoena on Saturday morning.

A spokesperson from Promises refused to discuss developments, saying, “This is a confidential facility and we cannot comment.”

Good for them. I’m not in agreement with Britney’s mothering techniques, by any means, but the facility should remain personal and confidential, and definitely not subject to public ridicule or scrutiny.

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Promises gets a subpoena, K-Fed style was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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