Randy Jackson Out As American Idol Judge; Will Mentor

Randy Jackson Out As American Idol Judge; Will Mentor

Randy Jackson has been a judge on “American Idol” since the show’s inception in 2002. After all of the other original judges left the show in pursuit of other ventures, Randy was the final judge sitting at the judge’s table. Since last season’s announcement of the departure of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, Mariah Carey is in and Randy is out. He will take on mentoring duties for the upcoming season’s contestants.

It was rumored that Mariah would be joined by singer Nicki Minaj. Besides Nicki, other celebrity’s names have been thrown out there to take the vacant judging spot on the show. Among them, Katy Perry, Joe Jonas and Aretha Franklin. The latter two expressed an interest in taking on the job while Katy assured fans that money wasn’t an issue and that she did not think it was the right time in her life.

The show was reportedly looking at Diddy or Kanye West for one of the open judging jobs, but sources have revealed that neither will take the position. In addition, the show’s producers are actually considering a fourth judge being added to the mix and are thinking about a country singer to take that spot.

Are you sad to see Randy fall into the background on the show? Or is the mentoring job more fitting for him? Was it just time for a change? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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