Randy Jackson Predicts ‘American Idol’ Finale Winner (Video)

Randy Jackson Predicts 'American Idol' Finale Winner (Video)

American Idol judge Randy Jackson talked with Chelsea Handler on her late night talk show, Chelsea Lately, about the new judges and the contestants!

Chelsea asked him what the difference is between working with Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul over working with Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. He said, “It had a different dynamic than, ya know, Simon did his thing, I did my thing, Paula did her thing. Now with Steven and Jennifer, you have two artists who are still currently on the charts, I mean, Tyler’s a legend. So that’s a whole different dynamic. They’re a little bit warmer, a little bit sweeter.”

Chelsea said, “‘Cause now people are saying you’re mean”, to which he replied, “I’m the mean dude.”

Chelsea then asked him his thoughts on who’s going to win the show tomorrow night. He replied, “I think it’s definitely…What’s funny about this season, it’s down to the two that I thought it would be down to when we were doing the auditions, Scotty and Lauren. And I think probably, Scotty’s probably got a slight edge.”


Who are you rooting for??? Let us know in the comments!

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