Ray J insists he’s not gay

Even though we’ve already seen enough proof that Ray-J is not gay, after starring in a homemade video with Kim Kardashian, the R&B singer wants to debunk the rumors.

After appearing on his show, “For The Love Of Ray J”, snubbed contestant Monica Danger started the rumors that he’s gay. She said, “Ray J’s gay. Ray, I love you, I respect you, but you are selling me everywhere. Ray J’s lover of years is Young Buck. I’m really mad too.”

He says it’s not true. In a statement to AllHipHop.com, he said, “I still got love for Danger, that’s one of my peoples. But I didn’t return her calls for the last 2-3 weeks. So she threatened to say ‘I’m going to tell people you’re gay!’ She went along and actually did it! I’m not gay but I got love for gay people because I work with gay people…girls and dudes. I’m comfortable with my sexuality.”

He added, “We’re both upset with each other. But it’s okay, I’m going to work it out with her soon and we’ll be friends again.”

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