Reese Witherspoon Challenged By Ryan Phillippe Divorce

Reese Witherspoon is on the promotional trail for her new movie This Means War, so naturally, we get to hear the interesting details of her life that she would otherwise not reveal.

When speaking on the topic of her divorce from Ryan Phillippe, she said that her life afterward was quite the challenge. In a new interview, the actress said, “That period in my life was a challenge but you feel so much stronger once you pick up the pieces and make a new world for yourself.”

She continued, “You rethink a lot of things and you develop a much sharper sense of what is going to make you happy. Many people go through crossroads in their lives, times where everything falls apart and you don’t know what to do next. But you learn so much and it makes decisions easier going forward.”

She went on to talk about relationships needing negotiation in order to be successful. She added, “You have to be ready for a relationship so once you are finally in the right situation, I think you have to be willing to compromise and negotiate. I don’t think it’s war, but I do think it’s a negotiation.”

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