Reggie Bush’s Mom Hates Kim Kardashian?

Reggie Bush's Mom Hates Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humphries on Halloween and was rumored to be seeking a reconciliation with her former boyfriend, Reggie Bush. But not if his mother has anything to say about it!

When Reggie told his mom that Kim had been in touch with him since filing for divorce, his mom said, “Don’t take her back!”

She reportedly turned to Reggie after her divorce filing, for comfort, but his mother says that Kim has ulterior motives and doesn’t want her to get back together with him.

A friend said, “For Reggie’s sake, Denise put on a smiling face when he dated Kim in the past, but she was never a fan of her or any of the Kardashians. Denise was horrified when Reggie first brought Kim home to meet the family in late 2007 because it was after her infamous sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J hit the internet. Momma Bush wants her son to settle down with a wholesome, religious woman who’s out of the spotlight.”

The friend went on to say, “Denise wants nothing to do with the Kardashian name or fame, and she made that clear to Reggie over dinner one night when he told her Kim had reached out to him.”

The pal added, “She told Reggie not to take her back and added, ‘She’s no good for you!'”

What do you think? Should Reggie Bush take Kim Kardashian back now that she’s divorcing Kris Humphries? Sound off in the comments!

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