Rihanna Happy Not To Be Part Of Chris Brown’s Life

Rihanna Happy Not To Be Part Of Chris Brown's Life

Apparently since it has come to light that Chris Brown hasn’t changed one bit since beating her, Rihanna has decided that she is super happy to not have him in her life any longer. We could’ve told her that it was a bad idea to ever get back together with him…

Since Chris’ D.C. arrest for assault, the charge has been dropped to a misdemeanor. Despite that, it just goes to show fans of his that sometimes a leopard never changes its spots. So for all of the fans that were rallying behind this overrated thug, suck it.

A source revealed, “Once again she’s relieved she’s not involved. She’s given up on all that drama and is so happy she’s not part of the foolishness. She doesn’t want to see him without his freedom. She hates to see people who are self-destructive but it looks like that is the case.”

At least she doesn’t have to be bombarded with how she feels about what is currently going on in his life. Good for her for finally getting away from him. He still has anger issues and definitely needs to work through those to show his fans (if no one else) that he’s a decent human being.

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