Rihanna treats employees like crap?

91113L3_RIHANNA_B_GR_01Princess RiRi gets what Princess RiRi wants…and when she wants it!

Apparently, Rihanna is not the nicest employer a person could ask for. She pays you to be on time, and if you’re running late, it’s cause for panic. At least on her end.

According to sources, she was awaiting her car outside of a London nightclub and had a hissy fit when it wasn’t there when she expected it. One of her people started making calls, and Rihanna said, “Where the f*** is my car? I mean it guys, you’ve now got 30 seconds to get me my car or someone is losing their employment. I f***ing mean it, 10 seconds and I get nasty.”

It’s a good thing that her driver arrived right after she said that. She’d fire someone a month before Christmas and not bat a lash.

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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