Rihanna Wants To Spend The Summer With Ashton Kutcher

Rihanna Wants To Spend The Summer With Ashton Kutcher

Now that the cat is out of the bag with regard to Rihanna’s late night hookups with Ashton Kutcher, it appears that their relationship is more than just a fling. Rumor has it that RiRi wants Ashton to spend the entire summer with her in England. Should he go?

Reportedly, Rihanna has already asked Ashton to join her in the U.K. for her shows at the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park and at Radio 1’s Hackney weekend in June and July.

Rihanna is said to be serious about things with Ashton — so much so that she has already introduced him to her brother Rorrey. A source revealed, “Rihanna and Rorrey, who releases music under the name GQ, are close so him meeting Ashton is a big deal. Rihanna clearly thinks things between them are serious.”

I don’t think things could be that serious between Rihanna and Ashton — he’s still married and she was recently flirting with Chris Brown on Twitter. We were surprised to hear that they were seeing each other in the first place.

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