Rob Kardashian Addicted To Sizzurp And Marijuana

Rob Kardashian Addicted To Sizzurp And Marijuana

Rob Kardashian has his family super worried about him after it was discovered and publicized that he is suffering from an addiction to Sizzurp as well as smoking marijuana on a regular basis. Does the young sock mogul need to check himself into rehab once again? You may be aware of Rob’s most recent trip to rehab earlier this year, but his family and friends are pushing him to go back in for more treatment. Perhaps the first time around didn’t do anything for him with regard to his well-being?

Sources close to Rob have revealed that he is in the middle of a pretty bad drug addiction and his family is desperate for him to receive professional help. His famous family is well-aware of his problems with drugs and have shown off photos of Rob with cups that say “Codeine Boys” on one side and “Sizzurp” on the other. In addition, a source close to the situation has revealed that he’s been smoking weed, as well.

Things have reportedly gotten so bad for Rob that his family has been calling around for rehab facilities to take him in for treatment, but he has refused to check himself in. The sources say that the pictures of his Sizzurp cups were leaked to the media in order to push him in the direction of treatment because his family is getting to the point of worried desperation. Are the Kardashians losing hope for Rob? They are holding out some hope that the pictures will make him see the light of day, but he isn’t feeling it.

It’s a shame that if his family wasn’t too busy chasing the almighty dollar along with fame, they would be able to take a step out of the spotlight in order to really help Rob. Perhaps he is depressed and has a slow metabolism? Either way, let’s hope that he gets the help he so desperately needs before it’s too late.

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