Robert Pattinson covers Playgirl UK!

Robert Pattinson covers Playgirl UK!

Breaking Dawn actor Robert Pattinson covers the latest issue of Playgirl UK — and he’s in a suit! Talk about unexpected!

I would’ve thought something about this photo shoot would’ve been leaked, but the publication kept mum on its cover star. Now to the good part! Is he naked in the magazine?!?!?

Nope, say insiders. He’s actually wearing a nice tuxedo for the entire shoot. Not fair. Still, if you want to see Rob nude, look no further than his upcoming movie, Bel Ami.

He said, “I think there’s quite a bit of nudity. I think there’s a lot of my crack in it!”

Well, not so eloquently put, Rob, but us ladies will take what we can get!

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