Robert Pattinson Denies Kristen Stewart Marriage Rumors

Robert Pattinson Denies Kristen Stewart Marriage Rumors

As you can see from the photo above, the tabloids (mostly OK!) really love to make up stuff about “Twilight” couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. They’re either having the “wedding of the year”, an engagement or it’s “baby time!” It’s kind of hard for the regular person to decipher what’s real and what’s made up in the media.

We’re sure fans would love a happy ending for the couple who tie the knot in the vampire franchise, but Rob insists that there are no wedding plans in real life for them — at the moment. Rob even laughed at the idea.

Rob talked about it in the new issue of “Black Book Magazine”. He revealed, “There was a magazine, with these pictures, saying I was getting married. Even my own mom called to ask me if it was true. It’s not. At least, not yet.”

The duo are sharing a rather boring lifestyle together, if new reports are to be believed. A source close to the couple said, “They love each other quite a lot because they can be real to each other around each other. They also don’t like how they can’t really go out all the time and do regular things so that has really made them homebodies and house partiers for the most part. But instead of being hermits they try to hit the town on dates occasionally, but they think their fame has made them boring people for their age.”

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