Robert Pattinson Is Distancing Himself From Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson Is Distancing Himself From Kristen Stewart

Twilight actor Robert Pattinson is working hard to distance himself from his former co-star and ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart. He is definitely making a great effort in order to try and move on and distance himself from the woman of whom has broken his heart.

A source revealed, “It’s Rob who distanced himself from Kristen. He rarely hands out in the same area as Kristen and her friends. It’s just easier for him this way. He’s kind of had to start a new life with new friends. Kristen still has her old friends. Of course Kristen has some regrets — she feels like she and Rob would be still be together if she had never cheated on him with Rupert Sanders. She misses their friendship the most. He was the one person who really got her, who really understood her. He stopped by on the weekend and they both spent some time together, catching up.”

The source continued, “Kristen was really happy to see him, but I think in the end they were both sad because they still have feelings for each other. It’s not as simple as just getting back together. Seeing each other brought up a lot stuff for both of them. For now, work — not rebuilding a relationship — comes first. It’s sad.”

She probably should have given her future sadness a little bit of thought before going forward and messing around with her married director pal, don’t you think?

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