Robert Pattinson Knows Kristen Stewart Is Bad For Him

Robert Pattinson Knows Kristen Stewart Is Bad For Him

Former Twilight actor Robert Pattinson knows that his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart is bad for him, but apparently he just can’t seem to stay away from her. Surprise there, right?

Even though they’ve split up in May, Rob can’t seem to let her go. Reportedly, even though they’ve been hanging out, he feels that he’s an idiot for doing so. If you’ll recall, Kristen cheated on Rob with married director Rupert Sanders, which ended up causing the destruction of his marriage and Rob and Kristen’s relationship.

A source said, “Rob knows that Kristen is not good for him, but he just can’t let her go… he’s hooked up with her a few times but has been adamant that no one knows because he feels like an idiot taking her back again. Rob has been playing the field to try to move on from Kristen… but he just can’t let go.”

How long do you think it will be before Rob and Kristen are back to dating again, if ever? Sound off in the comments section below.

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