Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Fighting?

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Fighting?

According to the latest Hollywood gossip, “Twilight” co-stars and real life couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been experiencing some trouble within their relationship. Insiders have revealed that the duo haven’t been spending a whole lot of time together, but when they do, they’ve been fighting.

A source revealed, “They’re having a tough time. They’ve both been very busy with their various work commitments over the past few months, so they rarely get to see each other. However, when they do see each other, they end up fighting over little things. For example, Kristen hates it when Robert messes about on his phone when they’re in bed. And Rob hates it when Kristen texts at the dinner table!!”

It sounds like celebrities are just like us. It’s rude to mess around with your phone in bed and at the dinner table, so if the reports are true then it just sounds like they both have a bit of growing up to do.

Another source has claimed that Rob’s been dieting because Kristen thinks he is too fat. The spy said, “Robert’s put on nearly ten pounds eating cheeseburgers and drinking beer while he’s not been working. Kristen’s told him to pull himself together. He hates the gym, so she’s encouraged him to take up paddle surfing to try and work off the excess calories.”

Somehow we doubt that last bit. We don’t think Rob is fat by any stretch of the imagination, therefor we aren’t buying that she has pushed him into doing anything about it — much less paddle surfing. What do you think?

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