Robert Pattinson Torn Over Kristen Stewart Split

Robert Pattinson Torn Over Kristen Stewart Split

Robert Pattinson is said to be completely torn over his split with Kristen Stewart. He has officially moved his things out of her Los Angeles home and has taken his dogs with him. So, we are left to ask if it’s really over for good?

Taking the dogs with him is a huge clue, primarily because when she was cheating on him with married director Rupert Sanders, she still had the dogs at her place. That could quite possibly be indicative of his level of commitment to the breakup this time around.

Rob ended his relationship of three years with Kristen because she has a “moody attitude”. Also, sources close to the situation revealed to that Rob was just unable to move on from her cheating scandal. Our source said that Rob was frustrated with Kristen and despite really trying to work on their romance, he couldn’t get past the feelings of betrayal.

Another source said, “All this stuff came up about the cheating, about how selfish she always is, about how moody she always is. It was a lot of issues that came up.”

The snitch added, “He is so torn…they could get back together.”

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