Robert Pattinson turned down record deal with Simon Cowell

Robert Pattinson is no stranger to the microphone. As a matter of fact, he sounds pretty good! According to him, however, he thinks his music is depressing.

He was said to have turned down a record deal with Simon Cowell because his music is “too depressing” and not too many people would like it.

He said, “I love Simon, I think he is a great personality and I think his shows are entertaining. He is a clever guy and he created artists that he knows the public will like, that’s why I don’t think he could ever launch my music career. I am selfish with my music. I get my guitar and I play what I like, but the problem is I don’t think many other people would like it.”

He also revealed that he believes people would only appreciate his music when he’s dead. He added, “I am sure I’ll be one of those artists that people don’t pay any attention to while I’m alive, and when I am dead people will go, ‘Yeah man, that was a work of art.'”

Do you think he should try to launch a music career?

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