Rock Of Love: The Superfans Challenge

On the superfans challenge, the ladies of the show were grilled by three of Bret’s “super fans”. They brought the girls to an interrogation like setting and questioned them.

Brandi’s hair was smokin’ and no one thought nice to tell her. That was just terrible.

My favorite part of the show was the superfans found out how mean and evil Lacey is. Even though they couldn’t steer Bret to get her off of the show. I was hoping that she’d get the boot.

In an interesting turn, though, it was Sam that Bret asked to leave. That was sad, but she liked the ending to that one. She was smooching up on the Bretster, for an extra longgggggggg time. I liked Sam, but she was a drama queen, always threatening to leave, etc.

Maybe Lacey will get kicked off next week. I hope.

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