Rosie O’Donnell Stole Her Adopted Daughter Chelsea?

Rosie O'Donnell Stole Her Adopted Daughter Chelsea?

Seventeen years after adopting Chelsea as a baby, the former co-host of The View, Rosie O’Donnell, is being accused of having stolen her, with the biological mother stating that she “wants her baby back!”

All of this caught O’Donnell quite off guard, as she had encouraged daughter Chelsea to make contact her birth mother after the teen’s insistence in tracking her down.

Deanna Micoley, the girl’s biological mother, had no idea that Rosie had adopted her baby, yet also makes the claim that Rosie knew that she was in no condition to have signed the adoption papers (Chelsea was put up for adoption through an adoption agency) at the time, because she had been twenty-years-old and on drugs. The woman also claims that her husband had forced her to give up the child. So, how is this Rosie’s fault if the two of them have never had contact or spoken to each other before and all matters of the adoption were handled through the adoption agency?

Deanna learned of her daughter’s existence and that Rosie was the girl’s adopted mother after Chelsea made contact with Deanna’s father, stating that she was his granddaughter and had been trying to track down both him and her birth mother.

There’s no word about how Chelsea feels about these claims and her mother Rosie has only made statements through her publicist about how disappointed she is that Deanna has gone public with this.

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