Russell Brand Dating Isabella Brewster

Russell Brand Dating Isabella Brewster

Even though Katy Perry is spinning her BS that she isn’t ready to really start dating (even though Robert Ackroyd is moving from London to Los Angeles to be closer to her), her ex-husband Russell Brand is moving on. According to the latest gossip, Rusty is putting his rocket into Jordana Brewster’s little sister Isabella.

Isabella is also known to be a starf**ker, as well. Who knew?!? Reportedly, Isabella has hooked up with the likes of Bradley Cooper and Milo Ventimiglia. She’s bound to sleep her way into a legitimate career, ala Kim Kardashian. It looks like all she needs to accomplish her goal of fame and stardom is a camcorder.

A source said, “As well as dating famous men before, Isabella just recently left her job as a talent agent so she’ll be completely in her comfort zone with Russell. Although aside from the fame, her and Russell have a lot in common. They are both in recovery and totally into yoga. They are really enjoying spending time together.”

The spy went on to say, “She is all over him and Russell loves it. She’s cute. Isabella knows Russell is a ladies’ man so she is trying to play it cool.”

This is going to turn into a game of Who’s The Bigger Famewhore? Any guesses who’s going to win?

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