Russell Brand Wants Katy Perry Back

Russell Brand Wants Katy Perry Back

According to the latest gossip, British comedian Russell Brand is regretting his decision to divorce pop singer Katy Perry and wants her back! It all started when reports started rolling in that she was seeing Robert Ackroyd last month. She went to Coachella with him and apparently that has gotten Russell’s blood boiling with jealousy.

After hearing all about her new relationship, Russell was said to have sent Katy an email admitting that he gave up on their marriage too quickly. Should they try for a reconciliation? Or are they better off apart?

A source said, “He apparently feels he gave up on their relationship too easily. It’s fair to say that Russell only wishes Katy happiness but perhaps he should have realized just how special his wife was when he was married to her rather than five months later.”

Reportedly, their marriage went into a shambles as a result of her touring. They weren’t spending as much time together as a newly married couple should have been, thus causing their relationship to fall apart.

Should they go for it if they really have feelings for each other? Or should they stay apart? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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