Ryan Gosling: ‘George Clooney Made Me Wet’

Ryan Gosling: 'George Clooney Made Me Wet'

George Clooney literally got Ryan Gosling wet during filming for their new movie, The Ides Of March. Oh George, always the prankster!

Ryan said, “He is a big practical joker. Everyone says that and it’s true. He would give you direction, come right up to you and start telling you about what you were doing and giving you advice on how to play the scene, then he walks away and you realize all that time he has been spraying you and your pants with a spray Evian bottle!”

He revealed, “He has been spraying it quietly the whole time he was talking to you and you have wet pants. Then he goes ‘action’ and you have to do the scene.”

Too funny! George is a funny dude.

In other Ryan Gosling related news, apparently he has been rumored to be dating Eva Mendes. He even took her to Disneyland, according to reports. Doesn’t he take them all to Disneyland?

A source said, “They looked relaxed and seemed to be having a fun time together. Like a dating couple, they always walked very closely, holding hands and their arms touching side-by-side. Ryan seemed to pay a lot of attention to her. He would glance over and look her in the face as they walked through the crowds making sure she was okay.”

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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