Ryan Gosling joins the Stop Bashing Britney bandwagon

Celeb after celeb are coming forward to defend Britney Spears in her time of need. Well, maybe not her “time of need”, but her time of depressant-taking, shoe breaking, hairstyle faking, nonsense. We have heard every excuse in the book on why her VMAs performance sucked, but everyone and their uncle is jumping on the defend Britney bandwagon.

I can understand that these people, who are also in the showbiz arena, know what it’s like to go through a flop or two in their lives. Therefore, I’m sure that they can sympathize with what she is going through. However, when performers have a terrible performance, the fans deserve an explanation. They deserve that much and until Britney comes clean, we’re going to keep making assumptions as to what happened or what’s going on in her head to screw up so badly and not defend HERSELF.

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